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General English courses aim to improve and develop oral and written comprehension, reading and writing in a more effective way simulating situations of daily life.

There are 6 different levels:

– Beginners: designed for people who have never studied English or who have very little knowledge of the language.
– Elementary: corresponds to basic users with the language capable of communicating in everyday situations with frequently used expressions and using elementary vocabulary.
– Pre-intermediate: aimed to people who are able to understand frequently used phrases and expressions related to everyday areas of experience (basic information about yourself and your family, shopping, places of interest, occupations, etc.)
– Intermediate: aimed to people who are able to understand the main points of clear texts and has an standard language knowledge within everyday issues and know how to handle most of the situations.
– Upper intermediate: corresponds to people who have the necessary fluency to communicate effortlessly with native speakers.
– Advanced: corresponds to users with high command of the language.


This course is designed to help students improve the 4 areas of the IELTS test (Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening) and gain general knowledge.
There are 2 modes:

FULL- TIME: from 9 am to 2:45 pm or afternoons from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm
PART- TIME: from mornings from 11.15 a.m. to 1.15 p.m. or afternoons from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

This course is suitable for students who do not have much time to attend classes and want to focus on specific competences to pass the IELTS exam.
Students must have at least a 4.5 or equivalent to enrol in an 8-week course or a 5.00 for the 4-week course.

This course is aimed to those who want to obtain the certificate of the FCE (First Certificate in English) or CAE (Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English) It is structured to improve the skills required in the modules of the Cambridge exam.


The VET courses are ideal for those who wish to gain more knowledge in a specific area and thus be able to improve the skills required in their professional field.

Advantages of studying a VET course
– All VET courses are accredited through the ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority)
– They are more practical courses than theoretical ones oriented to the labor world.
– It is easier to access a VET course than to another type of education in Australia.
– Flexibility and duration (from 3 months to 1 year)

Fields of courses available:
– HR

To all the students of our schools we offer the following additional services to make your stay in Australia unforgettable:

– Airport Pick-up.

– Accommodation assistance.

– Social club.

– Job assistance service

– Other services (medical insurance, emergency service, etc.)

Living in Sydney:
Australia’s most cosmopolitan city is located on the southeast coast of the country. With 4.5 million inhabitants, Sydney offers unique landscapes, incredible beaches and a wide range of sports activities for sports enthusiasts, especially surfing.
Within walking distance of the Sydney campus you will find many points of interest such as the Opera House, Darling Harbor, Chinatown or the Rocks area.

The climate is mild throughout the year and has sunny days most of the year.
Average in the summer: 18 ° ~ 26 ° C.
Average temperature in winter: 9 ° ~ 17 ° C of the year.

Cost of living:
Living in Sydney is not cheap. The cost of living could be compared to that of the United Kingdom and living a year in this city usually costs between 18,000 AUS to 22,000 AUS.


Living in Brisbane:
The capital of Queensland known as the “Sunshine State” for its stunning sunsets is the third most populous city in Australia and voted as the best city in Australia to live. It is located in the northeast coast of the country and 1.5 million people live there.
Its beautiful white sandy beaches, its incredible nature and its dynamic but less stressful make this an alternative location to consider if you are thinking about living in Australia.

Due to its location, Brisbane has a subtropical climate that allows to enjoy a mild temperature throughout the year being the average temperature of about 25 ° C with at least 300 sunny days a year.

Cost of living:
Living in Brisbane is cheaper than in Sydney, especially in terms of transport and accommodation.


Living in Melbourne:
Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia with a population of 4.4 million inhabitants, is a cosmopolitan, safe city and also known as the capital of the country’s culture since it has numerous theatres, cinemas, museums and a large offer of art in general.

The climate in Melbourne is moderate and a little colder than other capitals, with a changing climate with extreme temperatures, especially in summer.

Cost of living:
It is the second most expensive city in Australia, behind Sydney and the lifestyle can be compared to the USA or UK.
However living in Melbourne is significantly easier in terms of transport as their public transport network is one of the best in Australia. The “Myki card” allows you to move from one side of the city to the other, either by bus, metro or tram, and it is cheaper to move around than in other Australian cities.



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