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Living an experience on the island of Bali and its most popular areas such as Ubud, northern Kuta (Canggu and Kerobokan), Kuta del Sur (Nusa Dua) and Sanur (Denpasar coast) is possible thanks to Go Dodoland. Project locations are conveniently located in areas that offer a positive learning environment, while allowing participants to take full advantage of the many cultural and tourist activities available.

About the country:

Bali is located in the western area of the smaller islands of Sonda, with an area of 140 km from east to west and 90 km from north to south and full of rainforests, exotic flora and fauna and fascinating volcanoes. It has incredible paradisiacal beaches and is surrounded by a beautiful barrier reef that allows lovers of snorkeling and diving to enjoy the incredible marine fauna. Its monsoon tropical climate maintains temperatures between 23 and 33 degrees thanks to its two seasons, one rainy from October to March and another dry from April to September. Bali, is one of the regions with greater economic development in Asia, which translates into a lot of opportunities.

From 1 to 6 months.

The internship program can be started at any time of the year. Candidates are recommended to register three or four months before the start date of the program.

Tourism and hospitality

• Food & Beverage.
• Front Office.
• Housekeeping.
• Crosstraining
• Other positions under request.

Financial services / Insurance / offshore banking.
Logistics and storage.
International Trade.

Information & IT
IT development (graphic design, web development, editor, etc).
Development of apps

• Be enrolled in the university / school and sign an internship agreement.
• Have studies related to the position to which it applies.
• Have work experience of at least 6 months in a similar position.
• Be between 18 and 30 years old.
• Be fluent in English .

The internship program in Bali is not remunerated although depending on the profile and experience of the candidate the local company can help with other compensations such as transportation, meals, etc.

Once selected by the local company, we will ask you for the necessary documents to begin the visa process.

As from 600 euros.

The process is really easy:
1. Application:
• Complete the application form.
• Send the CV in English and a letter of motivation.
• Choose a date to have a first interview with us. (The purpose of the interview is to confirm your eligibility and explain the program in detail)
• If you complete it successfully and meet the requirements you can enroll in the program.
2. First payment to confirm your registration and submit your application to the program.
3. Interviews: Go Dodoland will organize interviews with potential companies according to the requirements and profile of the candidate.
4. Once the local company accepts you, you will receive a confirmation with the details of the internship.
5. Procedures for obtaining the visa and payment of the rest of the program fees.