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Open suitcase ready for a travel

How to get ready to work or study abroad?

{:en}If you are reading this post or if you have already had a first contact with Go Dodoland, it means that you have decided to go abroad, or at least you would like to enroll it out in the future. And we know that it is an awesome decision, which will change your life for sure. If you already have your destination in mind, doubts and anxiety starts to appear ...
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Foto de un portátil en un despacho con una taza de cafe

Key aspects of a student professional resume

{:en}Before applying to an internship or job offer, the correct wording of the CV is an essential aspect. This document is the first contact that a company receives, so you should not take it lightly! So, if you feel a bit lost, don’t worry, in this post we give you our best tips to help you writing an optimal and consistent CV:     The photo: A photo is not always ...
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Image of volunteer veterinarians examining a sedate cheetah

5 benefits of doing an international volunteer

{:en}5 benefits of doing an international volunteer Would you like to participate in a volunteer program abroad? Here are some of the many benefits of this type of experience. Feeling useful and doing something for others is the essence of any volunteer project. Being a volunteer is always the most rewarding choice at any time in life. If you embark on the adventure of participating in a volunteer program, you'll ...
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beca en islas mauricio

Why you should do an internship in Mauritius?

{:en}Why you should do an internship in Mauritius? If you have ever dreamt to live in a paradise and enjoy its white sandy beaches, in Mauritius your dream will come true! Before anything else, you have to be aware of the main characteristics of your destination. So, here we go! The island country of a total area of 2,040 km2  is located at the southeast cost of the African continent ...
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The importance of intern abroad

{:en} The importance of intern abroad Many young people consider whether or not to do an internship abroad. As an agency specialized in providing an international experience abroad, we want to show the opportunities that this experience can bring to the youngest. The student should mark the goals that wants to achieve by doing those practices. For some students it may be the first time they go abroad and sometimes ...
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